Playing with yoyo and enjoy torturing bad people. Gon and Killua. 60 views · July 26, 2017


More videos Gon sen. Bollywood Actress Riya Sen In Micro Mini Skirt. Man gon shoot ppl. Rona is gon get that ass. Gon making Killua feel like a woman. Rin x 

Tease . Danger: Risk of Falling Flowerpots Ahead! Match Point. Tricks. Butterflies, They Come Alive WARNING: SPOILERSWATCH IN 1440pDon't forget to subscribe and share the video, we are about to hit 20k I hope you like it, Enjoy !_____ Damage x Control . gon princess carrying killua.

Killua x gon

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View and download this 700x882 Hunter x Hunter image with 257 favorites, or browse the gallery. Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika Kuruta, Leorio 

Leorio? Or maybe there's someone else!

Gon and Killua are the main characters of Hunter X Hunter. They are both talented kids with a huge potential. Now, in the beginning it is quite evident Killua is a lot stronger than Gon. However, as the show progresses the gap between the two keeps getting lesser. They both develop good techniques and fighting skills. Gon

He is the best friend of Gon Freecss and is currently traveling with Alluka Zoldyck. 1 Appearance 2 Personality Mode of Transportation (Killua X Reader X Gon 2) You hobbled around, a deep frown apparent on your face as your crutches barley supported you. You were having a bit/lot of trouble walking around on the stupid, old, wooden crutches. I surcharged days to find the whole comic enjoy 😉 But Gon won't give up. He vows to become stronger, he vows to do whatever it takes to destroy the Zoldycks and get his friend back. But if he finally reaches that point, will Killua be too far gone?

Killua x gon

He hasn't seen Kurapika or Leorio since either.

Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Gon and Killua have reunited after a few, much needed, years apart from one another. Gon shows Killua one of his favorite places to go, the top of the World Tree.

En av många artiklar som finns tillgängliga från vår Skjortor och toppar avdelning här på Fruugo! Hunter X Hunter Killua And Alluka Killua Zoldyck Gon Freecss Clipart Cartoon Print Tshirt Streetwear Harajuku Casual T-shirs Clothe tops – försäljning av  Killua and Gon have decided to stay at Whale Island for awhile, to rest and formulate a plan on what to do next in their journey.
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Gon and Killua soon arrived at the Hotel. Gon opened up the room door to show Killua were he had been staying for the past year. Killua nodded his head in approval at the hotel, he was amazed that Gon actually picked out a place like this to live.

Because no one would bat an eye at an Alpha and Omega couple. But Gon started presenting, not as an alpha but as an omega. 2021-01-06 · Killua is an interesting character in Hunter x Hunter, as he isn’t necessarily the best person nor does he come from a great background.As a child of a family of assassins, the expectations of him to be a ruthless killer are fairly high, and they can sometimes affect the decisions he makes, even though he has mostly left that part of his life behind in order to be a Hunter. Killua Zoldyck has been friends with benefits with his best friend, Gon Freecs for years. Due to an unexpected BJ, Gon finds out that Killua's cum is poisonous and doesn't care.

Comics variados traducidos por mí e imagenes adorables y turbias de hxh. Gon and Killua Hisoka, Hunter X Hunter, Manga Anime, Animekonst, Fanart,.

Create an account Login · Marcoq. Follow  2 Apr 2015 Why do my fans ship Killua and Gon U guys are gay @HaitusXHaitus idk why the fangirls always have their ways and Im one of them #  21 Aug 2020 When Gon and Killua first meet during the stamina race of the Hunter Exam, they strike up a healthy friendship very quickly. The pair are the  8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 2 killua x gon playlists tagged with killugon and kirugon. from your desktop or mobile device.

Hunter X Hunter: Gon & Killua Aren't Rivals - and Are Better for It Hunter x Hunter's Gon and Killua don't fit the traditional mold of shonen rivals at all, which only works in the series' favor. By Lee Russo Published Aug 21, 2020 Killugon, or Gon/Killua, is a slash ship in the fandom Hunter x Hunter. Canon. Killua and Gon have been best friends with a complicated and somewhat codependent relationship since the first few episodes/chapters. Killua uses very heavily romantically laden terminology towards Gon which implies the ship is at least one-sided.